Developing Professional Relationships:

Developing professional relationships is about mutual respect. Communication between families and the educators helps to build strong relationships within the centre. Having this positive relationship enhances understanding for each other’s values. “Partnerships enable all involved to appreciate the other’s role, to promote the sharing of information and to enhance children’s learning. Families may have values and expectations that are different from those of educators in the setting. It is important to respect this diversity.” (Arthur, L., Beecher, B., Death., Dockett, S., & Farmer, S. 1993 p. 42)

The development of rich partnerships brings families and educators together to create a nurturing environment for all children involved.  Having this support from all aspects of the Childs life can enhance their learning as they feel comfortable in their home and learning environment. “When educators respect the unique strengths of each family, collaborative partnerships are strengthened and the community of learning between homes and educational settings is enhanced.” (Arthur, L., Beecher, B., Death., Dockett, S., & Farmer, S. 1993 p. 3)

Having these strong relationships brings both families and educators together to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment for children in the setting. Building partnerships is about working with one another to enhance the relationship through communication, understanding and respect. It is important to remember that each family has different opinions when it comes to children. Respecting their diversity and acknowledging their ideas in a mutual understanding helps to bring partnerships closer. A partnership can develop just by talking each day to help increase understanding and familiarity. “Collaborative partnerships involve both educators and family members making a commitment and sharing information and are ‘built on mutual benefit”. (Arthur, L., Beecher, B., Death., Dockett, S., & Farmer, S. 1993 p. 42)